Wedding Gift Thank You Card Messages

On the wedding day, the couple receives many gifts, presents and greeting cards from their friends, family members and dear ones. As a token of appreciation and in response to their warm gesture, the couple can send wedding gift thank you card messages. These messages must be written in such a manner so that it conveys the thankfulness of the couple for the gift received.

Sample Wedding Gift Thank You Card Messages

  • Thanks a lot for your thoughtfulness to gift us such a beautiful crystal flower vase on our wedding. We simply loved your gesture to select such a beautifully moulded vase. Thanks a lot!
  • It was so kind of you to gift us a lovely photo frame. We are going to remember your gift and this gesture all through our lives. Thanks a lot for your blessings and wishes on our wedding.
  • We would like to heartily thank you for gifting us a beautiful bed sheet as our wedding gift. The best part is that the color of the bed sheet perfectly matches to our new room. Thanks a lot, we just loved it!
  • We are glad to have received an amazing wedding gift from you. We simply loved the kitchenware that you have selected. We greatly appreciate the time that you must have given to select each and every piece and item. Thanks a lot; we loved your warm gesture.
  • It was so nice of you to select such a beautiful one piece dress for me on my wedding. I loved the wedding gift message that you wrote on the top of it, describing that it is a gift for my honeymoon. I am surely going to wear that and will send you the pictures soon. Thanks a lot for your wedding gift.
  • We are messaging to thank all our near and dear ones and the lovely friends for their kind gestures to present us with such beautiful and amazing wedding gifts. It was so nice of you all and we sincerely appreciate your efforts to select such a valuable gift for us! Thanks.
  • Thanks a lot for gifting us a watch set on our wedding. Both the watches are really pretty and we loved them. Thanks for your gift and your best wishes.
  • It was really nice of you to gift such a lovely painting on our wedding. We have already placed it on the wall of our room and it is perfectly matching the decor. Thanks a ton for the gift and your love.

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