Going Away Message for the Most Annoying Friend

Going away messages are sent to people who will be gone in the country for some period of time due to reasons of work, vacation, or moving to another country. If a friend of yours happen to be going away for a reason mentioned in the latter, then this article will serve the benefits that you might just be needing. We are all familiar the feeling of someone so dear be separated in a distance that thwarts us from seeing that friend when we miss them despite the annoyance that they offer us in a daily basis.

This article gladly offers free going away messages for your most annoying friend should that “special” friend be leaving in your country. We suggest you make mild changes in the sample going away messages that are cited below for circumstances may greatly differ. The changes you may apply in the message does not only limit to the circumstances, for you can, too, make some changes in the words being used below, phrases, and sentences– you may add or delete some sentences if you think the act is necessary. From reading all the messages you can find below, you can actually make a composition of your own by using the messages you find below as your guideline in crafting your unique composition. In doing so or in applying the changes, choosing the words that best fits this type of message must always be borne in mind for you to set the tone right and, thus, state your message perfectly. The tone of this message should be filled with love, sarcasm as humor, and sincerity.

This message can be sent via sms text messages or any social media sites where you both are very active.

  • So I just heard that you will be leaving the country. I can’t believe that this country will become peaceful again. You simply have not the faintest idea that you are the only one whose raucous mouth that knows nothing but to say something insignificant had wreaked havoc upon this once serene land of ours. Now that you will be going away very far, I will be missing my the imagined sighing of my ears from each time you raise your hand in the class just to say a stupid answer matter of factly. I hope the people you will be meeting in the foreign land have the tolerance for your unique mind that falters all the time. You will be missing me too much, which I fully know, and the only thing that I can say to you right now is it sucks to be you right now. Thank you so much for being a part of my life, but I’m even more thankful that you have decided to move to another land and, thus, reduce idiosyncrasy in this land. HA HA! Have a very wonderful life there.


  • Good morning, my dearest, most annoying friend, believe it or not I have found the good in good morning and good in good bye upon knowing that you will be absent in the country for a span of time. I can already imagine how pleasant the coming days will be without you here, and just to let you know I will be deactivating my social media accounts just to cut our only medium for communication off because I know you will still be annoying me, even in your physical absence here. As a man with respect one of my est buddies, I surely will look after your wife and make sure that she doesn’t do something stupid every night by sleeping with her. I know that you are touched by this good act of mine but you should know that I, too, can be very touching. I am doing this to compensate your being absent in the country and doing the town folks a great pleasure. Have a safe flight and don’t you worry a thing about your wife, I won’t let her do something stupid at night. Good bye for now, my dearest, most annoying friend.


  • This day truly marks a day worth a big, big celebration. Now that you will be going away to reside to another country this is, I suppose, the only news in the rumors I got from our nosy neighbors that deserves to be aired in media. A sigh of once-restrained relief has finally escaped my mouth and a load of cumbersome thoughts about you has been unloaded from my shoulders. I know that I should be sad and everything because I will be alone, but that’s only going to happen when I miss you and that’s going to be like three months from now. As of the moment I will be enjoying what’s left of my sanity and recover some parts of it that you proudly rid. I can only imagine how lit up my face was when I knew about this move of yours. Just so you know, I actually cut my lashes forcibly with the sole thought making a wish, close my eyes and imagine you somewhere in the earth very far away from me. Well, it seems like my wish has just been granted. Goodbye, dear buddy, have a safe flight and good life ahead.


  • Good day, (name of your friend), your sudden move to another country has send a negative shock to me. I mean despite the annoying person that you are, I am greatly overwhelmed with such a surprise of sadness for this is the start of the end of our youthful hang outs despite our age. There is something in me that is hurting just by thinking that I will no longer be seeing that wretched face of yours. Distance sure is something that people hate the most and starting this hour until you’ll come back here I can surely relate why distance is deserving of pure hatred. Be present tonight in my house because we’ll be drinking our hearts out until I’ll pass out from missing you, even if you’re still around. I’m gonna miss everything about you, especially that you’re the reason behind my bad days yet I still thank that you are there with me until we find something good in it. I love you so much, buddy, I hope you’ll still reach out to me and I’d be pleased if you continue to annoy me despite the distance.


  • Nine years of being physically together as a friend sure inspires envy to some friendship, doesn’t it? Sadly enough, you will be moving to another country because your family urges you to get a job overseas and start a new life there because they think there is no chance of progress in this country. I actually half agree to your family, but there is really nothing that can be done about it. I am trying my best to be positive about this move of yours and the only thing that enters my mind is that your annoying traits will finally come to an end and my eyes no longer need to endure the awful sight that is you, but that’s about it. I still can’t imagine the coming days and how boring they will be without you in it. Missing you will be a developing wont once you take your leave. I hope there is something that we can do about this move of yours so that we can prevent it from happening, but I know that you are doing this for your family and your dreams. I will catch up soon, so always keep safe until we meet again.


  • Our teacher told me that there are things we have to let go for we don’t have the power to keep them forever, but at least we have a choice to keep them forever in our memory. I never knew that I could relate to that saying until now. The thought of you leaving makes me feel betrayed by my juvenile fantasies that a best friend is someone who will be with us forever to save us if we don’t feel like living at all. Well, honest to goodness I don’t feel like living at all right now and you will no longer be physically present to save me. Thoughts like this drives my sanity into the paths of madness. I know that this is just a product of overthinking but I just can’t seem to not stop overthinking. I’ll be feeding myself with sheer yearning and desperate loneliness until you come back in the country. I will miss everything about you, though that face of yours is an exemption. We’ll be apart for many years but rest assured that you will always be my best annoying friend.


  • Business is really something that keeps you up right? I know that you verily are passionate about this job of yours that losing a wink of sleep does not bring you trouble at all. Well, I heard that you will be out of the country for four months and it’s been a tradition to throw a small celebration before we’ll be separated by distance. Invite in this event so that you may get a final chance of annoying me to the maximum that it bends our friendship gravely while you are still around. I hope you’ll enjoy your short stay in the country you are assigned to, and please let me enjoy my night by letting me sleep soundly now that you’re far away when you don’t feel like sleeping due to the excitement you cannot contain for you do this almost every night. I will surely miss you for being away with our friends in four months. Enjoy your stay there, buddy.


  • Hello, (name of your friend), you have no idea how happy I was when you said that you apologized for the bad news of you moving away to another country. I mean you are already aware how much you annoy me, right? When you announced that you will be moving I was relieved for no one would ever dare annoy me ever again. You alone are the only one who has made me very annoyed and I can’t just stand your existence because you continue to annoy me in my dreams. This happiness I am feeling right now scares me to death for it might lead me to a heart attack for this just cannot be contained. Honest to goodness though, I will really miss you a lot and all of your scandalous ideas which you would really dare put into action. Since I recorded your “daredevil” stunts I will not be missing you too much. If it so happens that you will not change your character and still be scandalous in he new country please send me the copy of your them so that I can still laugh my lungs out because of you. Enjoy and have a safe trip.


  • Well, well, well look who has finally decided to move to another country after years of performing bizarre practices in this very conservative town. I can only imagine how happy the mayor is now that you will be gone forever in this town. It’s funny to think that you have decided to ostracize yourself, I know that’s not the reason but since this annoys my greatest annoy-er, that’s you, I prefer putting it that way. Sure I will be missing you, that’s only normal, and abuse my eyes from demanding so much tears from missing you too much, which is also normal, but I will never plead you to come back home even if I really want  you to come back home because you already know how prideful I am as a person. This goodbye of ours will surely be the most painful of all goodbyes yet. Keep yourself safe all the time.


  • You, one of my craziest friends, will be moving very soon and I don’t know what to do with everything in my life without you in it. My eyes roll at the thought of me stricken with the imagined future boredom. It saddens me just by thinking about the boys that you will be meeting without me judging them if they’re a perfect fit for you and stuff like that. The end of our make up session is just a punch to my stomach and trust me it is not at all very pleasant to think about. I really wish you could just stay here and become happy together as we flaunt our flaw-some superficial features to the desperate guys. I know this friendship of ours really is something that annoys people but it’s what we live for and I take pride in us. Wishing you have a wonderful trip, my not biological sister.


  • Oh my! I just heard heard the most pleasant news ever and that is you working in  foreign country for two years. I mean anyone can’t believe it but we sure do want to believe this fact because your absence definitely calls for a celebration. I don’t mean to surprise you with my enthusiasm because I know you are expecting that I will be sad and all, but for real this makes me really happy that I feel like any moment now I will get the grasp of living (finally), thanks to you. Trust I will miss some things about you but not really the whole of your existence for putting my life at risk every night outs. The memories of me as a fine course of everyone’s derision from an event which I barely remember due to the induced waning sanity of alcohol still haunts me day and night. Since you will no longer be here, it is about time to bid goodbye to that nightmare.


  • So I heard that you will be moving to a particular region in earth in the pursuit of your career. Well, I’m quite surprised that you still take your career seriously, I mean for a man who brings nothing but trouble. I know that besides fooling around with me as your happiness, your career is what you are truly passionate about. I don’t mean to cheese you out, bro, but I surely will miss you and all the unpredictable craziness in your mind which the god of fools fails to conceive. Life without you will surely bring a bore for some time and I will be missing you every hour in the day from now on since you are the only one that I spend my time with. I hope we’ll meet again sooner than later because writing this messages makes me miss you much already. I know that you will be missing me as well because I am the only person in your circle of friends who happens to be unusually perfect. A rare kind of specie, as I would like to put it. Well, there’s nothing that can be helped but miss each other but I pity you for I know that you will miss me more than I will miss you. Good luck and have a good life ahead.

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