Going Away Messages for Boss

When a boss departs from his or her workplace, he or she is sent messages, emails, farewell letters etc. These messages that are delivered to a boss who is going away and is departing from his employment are called as going away messages for boss.

Such messages are framed and sent with the deepest feelings of respect for the boss and are sent at the time of his resignation, retirements, farewell etc. The going away messages must convey your thankfulness and gratefulness towards your boss.

Sample Going Away Messages for Boss

  • [blockquote]A boss like you is rarest to find. With your works, achievements and successes, you have left a legacy behind. On your farewell, we all wish you continue to work with excellence. Please know that we will always cherish your warm presence and the supreme guidance.[/blockquote]
  • You have been the best boss we have seen till now. You have proved yourself as a best friend, mentor and a great supervisor. We wish you all the best for your career. May you always achieve success and continue to prosper. We all will miss you.
  • [blockquote]As you are going away to some newer workplace, we are going to cherish your teachings, guidance and supervision in every phase. [/blockquote]Sir, you have always motivated to work with great dedication, you have always boosted our confidence to do our works with determination. Thanks a lot for your guidance, we will you good luck so that you continue to work with excellence.
  • We have always felt privileged, having worked under such a great professional like you. Your support, guidance and directions are the things that we will always value. May you new workplace greets you with abundance of opportunities; you are a person who will achieve success, overcoming all the difficulties. All the best sir.
  • [blockquote]Sir, on your farewell, we have gathered to convey our deepest thanks to you for your trust and consideration in our potentials. You have been a true source of inspiration who has led us achieve success in spite of failures. We wish to bid you a cheerful goodbye, all the best for your life.[/blockquote]
  • As you are going away to give a new start to your career, we wish you good luck for your new job and the responsibilities that would be offered. You have been the best boss all through; we are going to deeply miss you.

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