Going Away Messages for Boyfriend

Going away messages for boyfriend are sent by a girl to her boyfriend when there is separation between the two due to some unforeseen circumstances. These messages are filled with emotional words.

Sample Going Away Messages for Boyfriend

  • [blockquote]I am going away with a very heavy heart but I am not leaving you behind and taking a part of you along and I will always keep it by my side for you will be in my heart always.[/blockquote]
  • I will miss and cherish every moment that we spent together. Hope to come back and meet you someday in my life.
  • [blockquote]I loved you a lot but today you are making me cry. Good times have ended and I have to go for sure. Forgive me once as your love will always blossom in my heart.[/blockquote]
  • I am leaving you and going away from you for once I can be smiling again for I know you don’t love anyway.
  • It is good that I am finally bidding farewell to this relationship that would have anyway collapsed with no true strength in it anyways.
  • I truly don’t know how to live without you as my heart still beats because of you. Good bye forever my dear boyfriend.
  • Your presence is a vital element that keeps the love together between us but now that I am going away I want you to forget me all the way.
  • I feel like shedding buckets full of tears but I cannot see you in pain and therefore leaving you plain.
  • [blockquote]People say that it is hard to leave a boyfriend who truly loves you but for me it has been impossible I don’t know if I will live after leaving you.[/blockquote]
  • Even though I am going away from here I will certainly send you a message in the morning and in the night to let you know that you are always on my mind.
  • As rightly said one needs no logic to fall in love it also needs no logic to get out of it. I am glad that I am leaving you my dear boyfriend forever.
  • The value of a love relationship is intuitively known but the same intuition cannot be used during separation. I am sorry for leaving you and going away.
  • It is a painful thing to say good bye to ones boyfriend especially when you know that you still love each other.

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