Going Away Messages for Brother

Your brother was always your partner in crime and your first best friend. Together you have borne the brunt of the elders in the family and played a lot of pranks. So, when the time to part comes it surely feels like your heart is about to break. In such a scenario, what you need to do is tell your brother how much you love him and how fondly you cherish all the memories, the two of you created. Do this by writing a note to your brother. Not sure how? Here are some messages that will give you some ideas about what to write in the going away message.

  1. I always acted as if I hated all the teasing and leg pulling sessions that you were so fond of. But now that you are going away, I feel I am going to be lonely and will miss all those sessions. I will cherish all the memories and will wait for the times when we get back together.
  2. All those unnecessary fights for inconsequential things that drove mom crazy, is what is going to make me smile in the days to come. I wish I could turn back time and go back to those days. I am going to miss you so much once you are gone.
  3. Now that you are going away, all those cute little arguments and pillow fights will become the thing of the past. From now on all that I am going to do is miss you. Keep in touch and keep me in your memories just like I will. Love you lots!
  4. If God asked me to make one wish, I would wish to get back our childhood days. The days when we played and fought all day long. As the time for you to go away comes close, I can’t help but think of those days all the more. Please don’t forget me. I love you!
  5. I am so lucky to have a brother who is so loving and caring that saying Goodbye to him seems to be the most difficult task ever. I will cherish every moment that we have spent together and will wait to make more of such moments.
  6. We started out together and now it is time for you to leave. The funny thing that life is, you do not start appreciating what you had unless it is gone. I just don’t know what I am going to do without you.

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