Going Away Messages for Cards

Going away messages for cards are those messages that are sent to others through cards by the person who is going away. The purpose of these messages is to communicate to the other person about going away in a pleasing and emotional manner.

Sample Going Away Messages for Cards

  • While I go away I am holding your memories tight in my heart. May we get an opportunity to meet once again.
  • When someone you love leaves your memory that memory becomes a treasury.
  • I am going away but I am missing you already. May god give me a day when I can come back to you right away.
  • You will be missed more than you know while I need to go for things have become too bore.
  • [blockquote]While there are many twists and turns some things are not under our control. So let us not brood over such things and make this parting a little jollier.[/blockquote]
  • While I am going to chart a new chapter in my life things at your end too seem to take a flight. May god help both of us to achieve the best of things in life.
  • Life is full of surprises but it seems more like an unexpected dream when one has to leave their loved ones. Hope I will enjoy your company once again.
  • I am sad to leave you and go while we have been together for so many years but as destiny has it we are not in control.
  • I have new ventures and new paths to take leaving behind all that aches.
  • [blockquote]Now that my dreams are going to come true I am going away to make them a reality. Though it pains to leave you and go, this is my only chance to make the best roar.[/blockquote]
  • The more spectacular a person is the more difficult it is to say goodbye. You are one such person in my life and I don’t know how to say goodbye.
  • I asked god to give you strength and his blessings to handle your emotions while I am gone. May almighty be with you.
  • [blockquote]We just wanted to say goodbye to all of you as we are moving to another country for good. We shall be glad to come back and meet all of you when time and destiny brings us back to all of you.[/blockquote]

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