Going Away Messages for Kids

Saying goodbye to kids is one of the most difficult things as kids are more attached and feel the pain even more intensely when someone is going away.

The going away messages for kids are an ideal way to kindle the relationship that kids enjoy with the person who is leaving. The going away messages for kids should be short and also in a simple language that can be understood by them.

Sample Going Away Messages for Kids

  • All of you were such a pleasure to be together and made me feel like one among you. I hope all of you grow up into some great people in your life.
  • [blockquote]You kids are such a bundle of joy and energy that every moment is worth a million smiles. Hope all of you have a wonderful childhood.[/blockquote]
  • I love all you little ones so much that I want to certainly come back to you one day. In the meantime I wish to see that all of you grow up into responsible children whom will make me proud someday.
  • [blockquote]Hope we shall get an opportunity to meet again that will be filled with adventurous stories and lots of chocolates for company. Have a great time kid.[/blockquote]
  • You are the best kid I have ever met and that makes me feel so great. I wish we could spend some days together if not now may be in the future.
  • [blockquote]Remember that I will always be there when ever you need me. Be a good kid always and treasure every moment of your growing up days.[/blockquote]
  • While I need to go let me tell you that we are always close. Please write to me when you are free as this is the best way to make your uncle heal.
  • Going away does not mean that we can never meet again. Departures are always meant to bring new arrivals and hope to see you at your best next time when we meet.
  • Life is a circle where what goes away has to come back. So don’t be disheartened as I will come back when possible to meet you again.
  • Human life is a combination of happy and sad things, while sad things should give us strength happy things should be cherished. Be happy.
  • Dear son, I really had great time in your company but need to go now. I promise to come back soon. Keep smiling.

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