Going Away Party Messages

Going away party messages are the messages that are sent to people to invite them over a party when a person is going away. These messages are sent as the invitation wordings to invite and inform people about someone’s farewell and act of departing.

The messages can also be sent by a person who is going away, to thank his friends, relatives, colleagues etc, for the farewell party that was organised.

Sample Going Away Party Messages

  • As we are bidding adieu to Mr. Patterson, sales head, we have thought of giving him a going away party on 15th July. You all are requested to mark your presence at the party celebrations to mark last few moments with him.
  • [blockquote]Let us join and cheerfully say goodbye to our boss. He has always been a guiding light to our dreams and a true inspiration to all of us. We have thought of organising a farewell party for him to respect his kind gestures. [/blockquote]You are cordially invited to be the part of the same and pay your sincerest gratitude towards him.
  • I wish to thank all my lovely colleagues and respected senior members for such a warm gesture of organising a going away party for me. I am not going to forget this day ever. Thanks a lot for your wishes and blessings. I look forward to stay in touch with you all.
  • As Mr. Shane Paul has taken this decision to resign from our workplace, we have thought to give him a farewell party. You are invited to mark your presence at the evening celebration, so as to thank him for his years of services.
  • [blockquote]We request the pleasure of your company over a going away party of Mr. Fred. He has been serving our company for the last 10 years, contributing with his polished skills and proficiencies’. Please mark your presence to bless him for his happier future.[/blockquote]
  • As Mr. Derek Charles is bidding us farewell, let us take this kind opportunity to host a farewell party for him. You all are requested to donate $20 for his farewell gift. We look forward to have great fun, celebrating last few moments with Mr. Fred.
  • [blockquote]Let us together gather and celebrate the final departure of our Manager. With deepest respect, let us join and throw a farewell party for him. You are requested to confirm your presence by tomorrow.[/blockquote]

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