Funny Goodbye Messages for Boss

Funny goodbye messages for boss are the messages which an employee writes to his or her boss. The messages are written when one has to say goodbye to one’s boss who may be leaving them permanently or even intermittently. These messages have to include a subtle yet witty sense of humour

Sample Funny Goodbye Messages For Boss

  • Boss, you have been a great influence on all of us, and have been the best mentor that I am sure any of us have ever had. But it may not be true that everybody will value your talents like we did, after all even we are all one of a kind. Goodbye and best wishes from all of us.
  • I am leaving this office with a heavy heart; I will be missing all of my colleagues a lot. Though I am not sure whether I will miss you or not, Boss. Well I am hoping that you will not give me an opportunity for that and keep mentoring me time and again. Goodbye for now, boss.
  • To the best boss in the whole world, I hope that you get all the praise and the success that you have ever dreamed of. And the day you achieve all that, you come back running to us and join this work family of ours again. Goodbye.
  • The boss that you have been in the past is sure to make anyone happy for moving on to a new job. And that’s why even I am very happy to be going to a better place. A place where I will do you- my very first mentor- proud. Thank you for your guidance and goodbye.
  • Hey boss all very best for you vacation. We are all very happy that you are leaving all of us alone even though we know that are happiness is short lived. We are all looking forward to a couple of peaceful weeks in your absence. Bye boss, don’t hurry back soon.
  • Dear Boss, I cannot say that you have been the best boss ever nor can I say that you have always been very accommodating. But what I can say is that I am joyous to be leaving you leadership and moving to greener pastures. Goodbye.
  • Boss, thank you for taking the new job. For long we have been wondering that why should we be the only ones suffering under your strict leadership tact. Goodbye boss.

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