Funny Goodbye Messages For Colleagues

Funny goodbye messages for colleagues are the messages which an individual uses to say goodbye to his or her colleague or colleagues. The message may be used on the occasion when either the sender is leaving the work space or when the colleague is leaving the work space. These messages include a sense of humour and give a twist based on the kind of the relationship the two individuals share with each other. For convenience a few examples of the same are being given below.

Sample Funny Goodbye Messages For Colleagues


  • My dear ex- colleague, I hope that your new boss gets tired of your hard work and your dedicated nature and throws your ass back to us. So good luck for the promotion in the new department and goodbye. We will surely miss you.
  • Hey dear colleagues, we have done a lot of good work together and have had lot of fun in the interim of our numerous projects. But I still don’t think I’ll be missing you guys a whole lot at my new job. Well that’s because I’ll still be coordinating from the head office. Goodbye co-workers.
  • It was so difficult to match up to your level of perfection and hard work and dedication for which I might have wanted to kill you in the past. But I will not be needed to match up to you anymore for I am leaving for my dream job. Sayonara dear colleague.
  • To a colleague who has been a pain my ass ever since his joining this office. I cannot me anymore ecstatic and excited about you trading this job out for another one. I hope that you get a lot of appreciation there and don’t ever come back here. Goodbye.
  • Goodbye my very dear colleagues, to the lot of you who have created numerous roadblocks in my path, problems in my assignment completions and troubles in my presentations. May all of you find just as loving and caring colleagues as I did, while I am off to my new job! Goodbye.           
  • Dear co- worker it has been a privilege dealing with you and working with you. You have been the best colleague and a very good friend and I hope that you get the kind of new office that you come running back here. Jokes apart, goodbye my dear colleague and friend. I wish you all the very best for you future. Keep in touch

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