Funny Goodbye Messages for Friends

There will be times when you are getting separated from your friends either because they are moving or you are moving away. In such instances one may turn to humorous messages to say goodbye to the friends.

These messages are referred to as- funny goodbye messages for friends. These messages can appropriately be used on varied occasions like when a friend (or you) is moving away permanently due to work or other obligation or when someone is going away just for a while like on a vacation.

Sample Funny Goodbye Messages For Friends:

  • I am so happy going away from here, I won’t have to listen to you talk about your good life now. My life is going to be better and grander. Jokes part bud, I will miss you a lot, Goodbye dear friend.
  • Goodbyes are on the way, now that I am finally getting away from this circus and mad house. It’s sad though that you will still have to stick to the strict breakfast times, the bathroom lines and the boring every Saturday pies. I am off to London dear friend, goodbye for now.
  • The assignments, the projects, the same pale and comparatively empty school halls! That is what you get when you do not pay attention to school and have to attend summer school. Well happy summers school my friend and goodbye, I am off to my vacations. See you when I get back.
  •  My dear friend, goodbye from me and all of our classmates who are off to the school trip. If only you had been a little more attentive and scored a little better you’d be with all of us. So keep this goodbye and this trip in mind the next time you plan on bunking school. Goodbye buddy.
  • I would never have imagined living in a place away from you. But given the amount of money the new job pays, how could I say no for in this economy friends come and go but good job- don’t. Obviously that’s a joke and even though I am saying goodbye for now, I will miss you a lot bud.
  • Hey dear friend, I guess it’s time for a goodbye. How could we stay together all life anyways- I am off to the brighter side of the world while you keep hanging here with the little leagues. He! He! Anyways goodbye buddy, I am going to miss you and the times we had together.


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