Funny Goodbye Messages

Want to say goodbye to a friend, a family member, a loved one or a professional acquaint? Want to do it by sending the person a humorous message- then you need a funny goodbye message? These messages are written to convey an individual’s goodbye to the receiver but the speciality of these messages lie in the fact that they are funny. That is, there is a humours side to them, just like in the example messages that follow.

Sample Funny Goodbye Messages

  • This is a goodbye message to all my dear colleagues or shall I say my work friends. I am going off for my vacations and you are not. Happy working your ass off in office days, from your very dear friend and the most modest co- worker you have ever had.
  • To all those who are stuck in this year’s summer school to live the most exciting time of the whole year- the summer vacations- in misery. All the best to all of you, may your summer’s be filled with hard work and loads of homework. Goodbye from your school work free peers.
  • Goodbye my dear younger brother, keep studying for your exams and give it your best. I will keep writing to you from my new office provided mansion in Paris. Have fun, oops actually keep studying while I have all the fun.
  • Well dear co- worker I am sure that all of our colleagues will agree when I say that we are all very happy for that you are moving on to a new job. We will all really miss doing all of your work while you sat enjoying yourself. Goodbye from all of us.
  • Boss, your two weeks of vacation time is the best summer break gift that you could have offered to all of us. We look forward to being free of your super nagging attitude for a while. Goodbye.
  • Dear husband, I am so happy that you have finally planned this all boys trip with your friends. It gives me the vacation time with my girlfriends to get on with our own wild sides. Goodbye, all the best for the trip.
  • My dear lovely sister, I heard that you are moving to Chicago for your job. I can now get into your room and make it mine, thank you so very much for it. Sure I will miss you but I am sure my new room will keep the sadness at bay. Goodbye sis.

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