Good Bye Messages for Husband

Wishing your husband good bye should always not be for separation reasons; it can be temporary like when husband goes for a business or office tour etc. Here are some well written good bye messages for husband that will make you the perfect wife with the right words always for right moments.

Select the appropriate message that suits your occasion and convey it to your husband to make him realise your mental state. These messages should be carefully woven as the recipient will be in a vulnerable state of mind while he reads it.

Sample Good bye Messages for Husband

  • Good bye sweetheart; I’m worried for your food in the land of vegetarians! How will you do without me?
  • This relation was not working since long; I tried to hold on to it for the sake of our son. But now it’s gone beyond repair. Good bye!
  • You have been the worst decision in my life. Starting from my career to personal life – everything just ruined because of you suspicious nature! Good bye forever, I’m done with this marriage!
  • God made husbands like you to make wives like us feel helpless without you! Why did you pamper me so much that it’s difficult to live without you? Please come back home fast, Good bye sweetheart!
  • I know your official tour is important and you will miss me equally as I will – please keep calling everyday and take care of yourself. Good bye dear, I love you!
  • I shall spend each day of this week looking at the moon and whispering my heart to you; would you hear me from the distant land? I will miss you darling. Good bye and take care!
  • The love vanished only one year after marriage and for the next five years I struggled to get back those lovely moments. No longer will I waste my time and banish my freedom. Good bye!
  • It’s just a day that we got married and you are leaving for a business trip, it is that important? Please come back soon my darling. I hardly know anything in this unknown land. Good bye!
  • Love does not decrease with distance when you genuinely want the person; I know you will come back soon. Good bye, please call me every day!
  • Good bye my darling and come back with the good news as I have full faith on you that you will surely win all hearts in the board meet. Good luck and take care of your health!

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