Good bye Messages for Students Turning College

For mothers and fathers good bye messages for their kids leaving home for college sure is heartbreaking for they will be bombarded with worry and unwelcoming thoughts due to school induced stress and pressure. Good bye messages is a good way of reminding you child that you will always be there to support your child even if you are parted by distance.

This article offers sample good bye messages for students leaving for college for free that you may use at your own leisure. It is most appreciated if good bye messages are written in a card or in a special paper be it printed or hand written. If you see there is a need to add or write off some things in these messages you are free to do so. Setting the right tone comes in vital so choosing the best words is advised should you decide to compose your very own good bye message for the sample messages you find below can also serve as guidelines.

  • Hello, son, I am extremely proud for having such a bright kid that you  ace the entrance exam of the university you applied to. Although I am extremely happy, I can’t help myself but to be sad as well for you will be on your own now and this parting of us really cuts deep into me for I am not used that you will be far away from the family. Should you miss us please give us a call, especially if there is something that troubles you, okay? That is all I’m going to worry about for I know that you are very inclined in learning and failing any of the subjects is a scene that is not possible at all. We will be expecting you on the evening of Thanksgiving, good bye


  • Good day, my dearest daughter, as your father I prided myself in birthing to a beautiful girl with a bright future. A part of me is saddened by the fact that someone so close to me will be stuck in the dorms of a university. I will miss all our night out camps and all the father-daughter kind of bonding. Your mom and I wants you to only get the best in your career that is why we allowed you to enter college. Please never skip your dinner, iron your clothes and dress at night for you to always look presentable, and date only the guys who have the best plans of the future. With love, Mom and Dad. Good bye and good luck in your college life.


  • Congratulations to my boy for you will finally get what to feel like what it is living with your own. May your learning in college not be limited in scholastic learning but, too, in settling conflicts should that you will be facing in the near future. This could take a getting used to process for us to not miss you too much because you have always been the home buddy since you were young. The house, although small, will feel big. My advise to you is that do not be too hard on yourself should you stumble along the away, forgive yourself for faltering and never ever quit for we will  always have your back. Good bye and godspeed.


  • My darling, Clementine, is there really a need for you to go to college because it already breaks my heart to not have a glimpse of you in a single day by just thinking about it. I know that you have dreamt entering that university, and as the best parents in the world we want to push you in support for you to have the lifestyle and job you want in the future. It just can’t be help that y favorite only daughter will be leaving so soon now. Please call us from time to time so that we will know you are alright, okay? Do your best darling and always keep safe. Good bye!


  • It brings me still with excitement that my baby boy is going to a prestige of a university for we know well the depths of your mind is suitable for that university. Please take care of yourself now that you will be living life with new friends. Please choice your friends wisely and should you get to taste an alcohol may you drink in moderation and please don’t smoke for I want you to live long. I know you are already an adult but please resist the temptations in the world of adults for they are very powerful to bend good personalities. Your dad and I will be messaging you from time to time for trivial updates in our town so be sure you do the same with your college life. Good bye, baby boy.


  • I never knew that missing you will become a daily basis now, tomorrow is the day of your leave and, yet, I am now missing you badly. College life will  never be easy and will break you down if it sees the chance in doing so. This could only have two outcomes: one is you will be defeated in life wallowing in the pool of regrets and defeat, and the other is be molded into something that traces of success and failure will manifest in you. May you be resilient in facing your scholastic and most importantly in you life failures. Good luck and good bye.


  • I don’t mean to cheese you out but I can’t help wonder how my life as a father would be now that you will leaving leaving soon for college. Your mom is no longer around and I will be the only one left in the house. Call me a crazy dad but I  have already listed my updated to do list and I’m saddened that I no longer include kiss my daughter’s forehead in it. I am proud of what you are and what you will become but I just can’t hep myself but miss my dearest child. Call me from time to time, alright? Good bye and godspeed.

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