Goodbye Card Messages

Goodbye is a difficult moment, be it your bidding adieu to a friend, colleague, spouse, relative or siblings. It often gets difficult to express the very core feeling in words at such tender moment; thus goodbye card messages come as a great help.

These messages can be customised and framed as per the occasion and the status of the person with well thought words and touching sentiments. Here are some good bye card messages that you can write on a cute little card and gift to the parting person as a memoir.

Sample goodbye card messages

  • Living without you will be as painful as death to me, please stay in touch and remember me whenever you need a soul to speak to…I will be there. Good bye my sweet friend.
  • Love can never be killed by distance; it only increases as you go away. I’m just worried if you will take enough care of yourself. Good bye sweetheart…don’t forget to call me every day and drop letters in a while.
  • You came to us as a guest but today as you are leaving us for a new city, I feel like I’m losing my sister forever. Please stay in touch and meet us when you come here again, Good bye and good luck!
  • A new life with new dreams,

We wish to see you ‘all gleams’

Your family here will miss you lots

Good bye sister with golden wedding locks!

  • The nature is also bereaved with your news of leaving us; see the gloomy sky and quietened birds…please come back to us soon! Good bye!
  • Morning, noon and night – you will be remembered and missed with every sight

Have a vivid future and happy life,

..with a new home, job and cute wife

Adieu my friend, conquer the new city with stars so bright!

  • Let’s bid good bye to the life that was never meant for us! The married days were never happy but with this separation, we can hope for a new beginning. Good bye and best wishes for your future.
  • Good bye friends as its vacation time; I will miss you all and wait to see you soon in sound health and many stories to share! Enjoy the summer holidays!
  • Maam, the knowledge you imparted on us helped us stand as responsible individuals. Today, our heart aches saying you good bye. Hope your days ahead are filled with happiness and good health!

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