Goodbye Messages for Teachers

Goodbye messages for teachers are those messages that a student sends to his teacher to bid him goodbye. These types of messages can be sent at the last day of a school or at a farewell of the teacher on his retirement.

These types of messages must have a thanking tone and must also express the love and the respect that a student has for his teacher. Messages should be drafted in such a way that it helps the teacher to remember the student and the best memories spend.

Sample Goodbye Messages for Teachers

  • Dear teacher, while leaving the school the name which is crossing my mind frequently is yours. Thank you for keeping tremendous patience to teach us the core values of life. Your value thoughts would always help us to take all crucial decisions of life.
  • Dear Sir, we heartily thank you for bearing us for years. Now the time has come when we all would like to thank you for being there and delivering the best values of life to us. You were not only a teacher to us but also a father figure who had guided us through all the hurdles and taught us the basic fundamentals of surviving life.
  • Dear Madam, may be history wouldn’t have been so interesting for us if you were not there. You are one who can only make all the historical characters alive. But you would never become a history for us and would remain alive in our minds always.
  • On behalf of 2014 batch, I would like to bid farewell to all the teachers. Thanks for being so supportive and guiding light for us through years. Hope we all could implement the values you all have inculcated on us.
  • Just like any flower that spread fragrance wherever they are kept, you all are such teachers who have spread wisdom and knowledge wherever you have been. I wish all the best values that you all have inculcated on me remain the same throughout life and I can implement them whenever I face challenges in life.
  • A farewell party is always meant to celebrate a phase of a person’s life. At the same-time it would make you mourn for the separation with the best people of your life. Dear teachers, you all will be remembered throughout our life.
  • It is really difficult to bid adieu to the best teachers who have always been a guiding light and pillar of support in our student life.

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