Goodbye Relationship Messages

Relationships always don’t work the way we expect; and coming out of it is a very painful incident. Bidding the person farewell with well written good bye relationship message can be of good help as the words expressed will sooth and calm down the person and bring a positive outlook even if its farewell time.

Such message should be a fusion of emotional and practical words that will help the recipient to come over the pain and face it with courage and optimism. Here are some samples.

Sample Good Bye Relationship Message

  • It was not a wise idea to go further; pain was the only thing we could give each other. Hope you flourish in your life with a better and apt person. Good bye!
  • This relationship was nothing but a burden for us; I hope you will remain a dutiful father and take care of your son. Please excuse my presence! Good bye.
  • Good bye, your infidelity was the last thing that I could tolerate. Hope your new found love will be more patient and tolerant than me. Good luck!
  • It’s been 30 years of togetherness and getting separated at this age is weird; but I guess this is the age when we need some peace to live! Good bye…I’m done with this relationship!
  • Closing down the chapter of our relationship is equally painful for me; I tried hard for the sake of our daughter but now things are beyond repair. Good bye, wish you a content life ahead!
  • Money is all what you need from all relations; and I’m not that rich with wealth. I came to you in search of love but all in vain. Good bye…prosper each day!
  • I came to you with many dreams, but today I return with not even a hope to live a happy life ahead, you murdered me mentally. However, good bye and please do not show up any day!
  • I never imagined that this day would have arrived; my family is shattered with the news of our separation. Good bye and enjoy your new life with your new found girlfriend!
  • Home and happiness – both is built with trust and faith. We had none in this relationship. We were not happy and argued all day long! Good bye, I’m unable to carry the burden anymore!
  • The first day of our relationship started with all good signs and as the years rolled by your traits started showing up which broke my heart and the basic belief that we could live happily. Good bye!

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