Hilarious Goodbye Messages for Students

Goodbyes are never always sad for bidding your students goodbye means goodbye to all the stubborn children in the class. Before a school year ends, there exists a tradition to compose a goodbye message before everyone parts and enjoy the summer. Students are not the only ones required to write goodbye messages but the advisers, too.

If you’re a teacher and the school year has finally come to an end, then here are examples of hilarious goodbye messages for your students. In creating this type of goodbye message, phrases must have an air of humor to shock your students who thought you’re a person with the most boring personality who’s ever existed. Profanity and obscenity should be both absent in the message.

  • Good day, Jared, I know you’re going to miss your teacher a whole lot for I have been the best looking teacher in this university. The thing here is I won’t be missing you which really breaks your heart and you just can’t deny that it is a fact. I don’t care much about your summer and have no care in knowing at all what your plans are, but here is mine I’ll enjoy it to its maximum. PS: don’t miss me too much.
  • Here’s to my dearest student who I know will miss my very presence this summer and just can’t help herself but to look forward to another school year, advance goodbye, Lyka! May your plans for this summer just remain plans and may my plans come to life. It’s almost the end of the school year and like good teacher that I am I will be assigning you your last homework which is just an five thousand word essay to be passed tomorrow. The subject of the essay is how much you’re going to miss your dearest teacher, me.
  • Waking up to a fine summer day is a dream finally coming true. Students, I’m going to miss your stressful faces and trust me I never regretted the tasks I handed over to you all for seeing you close to defeat make my day pleasant. I made you all do that though most of them are really unnecessary I just liked how you put up so much effort into everything which made me somehow proud. I knew you are all bright students and are  going to pass this subject easily that is why I made it a little difficult for you all.
  • Don’t you just find it hard to bid your most lovely teacher of them all? I mean come on, I have been teaching you guys to keep exercising the virtue of candor. So if you feel like missing me this summer, which I know you will all, then it’s about time to tell me and your friends about it. Goodbye, my not-biological children.
  • I don’t mean to break your hearts, my dear students, but goodbyes will have to be uttered so that I may forget your awful faces and for my heart to rejoice in joy as I have so much time with y yoga sessions now. So goodbye and good luck with fixing your hearts from missing me too much.
  • This good bye of ours marks the end of me being a teacher, and it’s about time I pursue my passion as a spy. Be good this summer so I won’t be visiting you from doing bad activities.

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