Messages to Lovers Who Left

Love letters come in many forms — yet no matter the form it takes it can never be denied that love is where inspiration oozes from. Love letters are made when a heart is at its zenith of rapture. Songs and poems are composed naturally because of an experience we would want to immortalize, no matter how cheesy these acts might seem to others.

Although some of us have already planned out a joyous future with another person, some odds are too much for “love” to hold on to.

There is a moment where we realize that bygones are not the only things we bury. We, too, must bid goodbye to the future we expected during the present and bury it into absolute nothingness.

In the series of meltdowns that we may encounter, we will end up with a realization that maybe all you need is closure, whether you like it or not.

Below are sample messages that may help you close the loop of a past love so you can recover fully, preparing your heart for another — and better — love:

  • You made me realize my worth. Without you, I just saw myself as nothing but a passing existence in this universe. We may not have lasted long, but that was the happiest time of my life.
  • I really want to thank you for showing me how wonderful the world truly is. I thought that the world was cruel to everyone and were only obliged to be “practical” in all aspects of living. But, you have taught me so much about love and life, and even more so.
  • I really thought that you were the one I would be sharing my vows with, but it turns out we can’t be together. I understand that I can never be enough for you, and we can only compromise for so long. Someone out there is enough for your ideals, and my deepest regret is I am not that person. I truly wish I could be without losing myself in the process. You will linger in my heart as long as I breathe.
  • You have been my greatest love for some time, and I am truly indebted. I can’t thank you enough for making me the happiest I have ever been. You have my best wishes and good luck.
  • Farewells may break our hearts in all possible ways, and now I find that it is just a matter of fact. I have shown you the truth of my being; it was definitely worth a shot. I thank you for tolerating my short stay in your life, and for making me feel welcome and loved while it lasted.
  • Some faults are just beyond mending. Who knew it took some faults to finally realize our worth? Besides being my first love, you have also been my greatest mistake. Yet I’m truly grateful for being both.

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