Messages to Welcome the Dawning Summer

Any second now and the school-induced boredom and stress will finally be over. Once that time comes, we just can’t help ourselves but to put most of our attention in the internet, looking for the best islands and resorts to bathe our skin under the sun’s summer heat.

During this time, we think mostly about fancy vacation and summer escapades. Yet, we must never forget those who have impacted our lives throughout the school year. We can send them sweet messages to cast a good warmth of joy in their hearts.

If you are having a hard time thinking about what to write to those you would want to send the best regards this summer season, this article will help you with some messages you may use. You could even add more to them if you wish. In doing so, not only will the season be warm but so will the hearts of those you cherish.

  • To my teachers who are passionate practitioners in their field, I thank you for being a guiding star when I was lost in the previous semesters. When everyone else had the talent for disheartening others, it was because of you that I was able to withstand all the negativity that looms in these halls. Thank you for letting my inspiration grow despite the troubles.
  • To the friends who have lifted my spirits when I was at my worst, thank you for being there when I couldn’t be there for myself. I will always cherish our bond of friendship forged by good vibes. You guys are the main reason why I look forward to another day in the university. We should definitely have summer outings and activities! Please let me know by hitting me up in various social media sites. We will always be connected. May your summer be filled with love and joy. I cannot wait to see you guys again.
  • To the classmates who have helped me throughout the difficulties in our studies, I direct special gratitude to you for inculcating your knowledge and for being considerate about my shortcomings. With your aid, I felt like I’ve moved academic mountains without breaking a sweat. Let’s have a wonderful summer free from books and notes!
  • To those who gave me hard time in school, may your summer season be filled with the warmth of love. Let us allow bygones be bygones and move forward by rebuilding a friendship.

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