Funny Good Evening Messages

Funny good evening messages are those kinds of messages which one person writes to another in order to wish good evening but in a funny way. These messages must be humorous in nature and should also at the same time convey the good wishes for the evening. Funny good evening messages are usually sent through the medium of text or SMS.

The following are a few examples of funny good evening messages that can be taken into help by anyone who wants to frame a similar kind of a message.

Sample Funny Good Evening Messages

  • As the awful afternoon of work comes to an end and as the day converts into evening, I wish you have a great time and get drunk like a fish! Have a good evening dear friend.
  • I know how bad our day goes and thus I never wish you good afternoons and good mornings. I rather would like to wish you a good evening where you can forget your worries and drown yourself in the company of girls and more girls.

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]Good evening to you friend. May this evening be better than the irritating mornings and the not-so-good afternoons. May you enjoy yourself to the fullest and hit the maximum bars of the city.[/notice]

[blockquote]Evening time is a time when we get a chance to forget the bad morning experiences and the stressful afternoon experiences. May you have a fantastic evening full of fun, pranks and laughter.[/blockquote]

  • May this evening irritate you, make you nervous, get you drunk and get you be teased. But inspite of all this, may you have a wonderful evening and a superb night ahead.

[notice noticeType=”info” ]Evenings are a time when we realize that the awful day is going to end and it will be time to get into the funny mode again. So get ready to have a rocking evening as life is to celebrate and not be sad.[/notice]

  • Your evenings are full of adventure and fun but still I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a great evening which consists of laughter, fun, humor and a lot of alcohol!
  • May this evening be your dream evening. May this evening consist of irritating friends, dysfunctional family members and a lot of teasing and fun. Have a great evening my dear.
  • May the day bring smile, may the afternoon bring laughter and may the evening be blissful. Just kidding, hope you have a pathetic day! LOL.

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