Good Evening Messages for Best Friend

Good evening messages could either cheer up your best friend or drag his or her night further down than what it already was in the morning. As a best friend, you want to lighten up your best buddy’s night assuming that his or her day has been filled with troubles and scoldings from bosses. By delivering the perfect good evening message then you can definitely consider yourself a true best buddy and, too, validating yourself worthy of the spot.

Sample good evening messages to lighten up your best friend’s night are offered in this article should you have any difficulties in crafting one. These messages can be sent via sms messages, any various social media sites, or delivered by mouth via phone call, and just an advise be sure to set the right tone for you not to mess up.

  • Good evening, buddy, the night’s too young for you to give up. I’m in a club right now and if you feel like downing fancy margaritas it will be on me.
  • (With a sarcastic tone) I’m really hoping you had a bad day so I can greet you with a really mean evening phone call. I’d be more than happy to offer you hell in your already hellish life. Just kidding, may you be comforted with the best relaxation that you deserve.
  • Call me the great supposer because I’m supposing you are in a very bad shape this evening, bro. Let’s talk it over alcohols and cigars, and everything will be on you, okay?
  • Things are awful down there and I can just sense it so I will be visiting your apartment tonight, even if not welcomed. By the way, I bought these beautiful beef stakes and I’m thinking about bringing it with me for dinner.
  • There are many things that a person can hide in his depression box, I believe yours is full because some of it are reflected clearly on your face. Ease the crease in your brows and let’s marry the young night before it ages any hour now.
  • Thinking of you makes my heart feel light about my mess because I know yours is more messed up. Half kidding. LOL! Just so you know, my evening is perfect knowing you’re there somewhere, though faraway, alive and happy.

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