Good Evening Messages for Whatsapp

Whatsapp have now become the most used application that is used for chats and social networking. Status messages and ornamenting the profiles with variable mood messages have now become the latest trend in whatsapp; to facilitate you in getting some of the most interesting good evening message for whatsapp, here is the list. You can choose the most suitable one for your profile and stun your friends! These messages are short, crispy, witty and vibrant ones if you can add a nice ‘sunset’ kind of picture to it.

Sample Good evening messages for whatsapp

  • Look at darkened sky, they prompt for a dinner tonight, what say friend? Good evening!
  • Good evening my dear friends, what is the last plan on the last day of this year?
  • I’m eagerly waiting for the Santa tonight, what is your Xmas plan? Good evening and Merry Christmas!
  • Feeling so lonely without family and friends, Good evening friends!
  • Tea time with your sweetheart beside you, what more can I wish for! Good evening all…
  • Wish all of you good evening, please invite me for dinner; my mom is not at home!
  • Today was the most embarrassing day as it started off as my shoes got stolen in temple. Good evening all wish to have a better day tomorrow!
  • Let me make you a cup of coffee with beans of love and sugar of kisses. Good evening my love!
  • Is party on your mind? I’m all alone at home, come in with the bags and bottles! Good evening…
  • I hate spending evening with books, but exams come every week – Oh poor me!! Good evening friends…
  • Good evening to the most beautiful and intelligent girl; what are you reading this weekend? Can you join our party?
  • We just planned the kitty party at (name) home; see you all there with the best bunch of stories in mind! Good evening!
  • Laughter, smiles, jokes, food, and nostalgia is what that defines my evening today with closest buddies. Good evening to all!
  • May the night bring the sweetest dreams to the most cute girl I have seen, can’t wait to see you again tomorrow. Good evening!
  • Sky is dark, there stand the trees with darkened bark…I feel so low, without you nothing seems to glow. Please join me and make me full…I love you; good evening my doll!
  • The coffee shop at home is looking for buyers…anyone coming with the free coupons? Good evening buddies, drop at my place…

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