Hilarious Good Evening Messages

Good evening text messages are sent to the people whom you are thinking about as the day comes to an end, and wish they will enjoy the evening ahead. If you are the type of person who goofs around by hilariously greeting your friends, family members,  or your co-workers then this article will serve you benefits for this purpose.

This article offers free sample hilarious good evening messages that will surely let hurt the readers guts from reading these messages. We suggest you make some mild changes in the messages you find below so that a part of you will manifest in it and your friend will be certain that this is your composition. The mild changes that you may want to apply are simply changes in phrases, words, or circumstances. To deliver the hilarity  of the message, it is important to be careful in choosing the appropriate words. The latter would also help the sender of the message to set the right tone which should be humorous but, nonetheless, weaved  with love and care. There is no need for you to have this message sent in the form of letter, for you can send them via sms text messages or the various social media sites that you are both connected since we are already in the twenty first century.

  • I find it really awesome how a sour start of the day can turn bittersweet in the evening. My evening is currently in the latter’s situation, best pal. My only hope for this evening is that may your happiness rely on my sight and that you will be forced to see me tonight. With drinks, cigars, and random girls we’ll make a very good evening as a way of compensating our  dear selves from the stresses of last morning and the next morning and the morning after the next. So you better come see me now or I’ll set you up into something that the FBI will certainly enjoy.


  • There are days where I enjoy them by hearing your miseries in life. I don’t mean to be a rude person but your disgrace utterly pleases my existence. The thing that I love most about your existence is that, I would like to suppose, you complete my perfection with your acts worth of contempt. Tonight will be a time for me to compromise so ease yourself and joy in the very good evening. My hopes for you is that something great will happen to you tonight and that your overwrought ordinary life will be extraordinary for once. A very good evening to my most loyal yet miserable subject.


  • To my daddy who I think sucks at being a dad yet thinks he is doing more than just fine, may your evening be filled with the things that please your petty, daddy mind. Let me just tell you about something about my evening so that it spoils yours and there is nothing in the world that thrills me to the bones by making sure that that mind of yours is troubled, especially if I am the reason of such a scene. So I will be a pothead for tonight and make sure that the police will catch me red handed and that I’ll blame you for imparting such a deed that violates the law.  Kidding, daddy, I will be playing Bratz with my favorite friend, Diego.


  • I have watched a thousand sunset and welcome the sight of the evening as a wave of calm flows to me, but then an image of your wretch of a life manifests in my reverie which makes my peaceful state become ill. Knowing who you are, you will consider this a good evening for you are the person that comes into my mind just to break my state of serenity. I am  hoping that you will enjoy your evening by doing something new tonight, or we could try to hang out if you are not working overtime so we can talk about the most random of stuff. The last conversation we had feels like a century ago, so if you feel like hanging out please do reply to this message.


  • Good evening, my friend, or at least try to find the good in the evening. You have spent many evenings alone with no one to share the bed with, thanks to that work of yours which I know you are forcing yourself to be passionate at it when it’s noticeable that you really are not. If you feel like looking the good in the evening then hit me up because I might be dating someone who might also be bringing a friend so you have someone to converse with and that you’ll not lose your talent in being a smooth talker. Good evening once again.


  • There is something about this evening that makes me want to destroy yours by coming over your flat, be drunk and do some weird actions that would destroy your most prized possession. i have already prepared my excuse for that and that excuse is being drunk enough that your appliances turned into something that is worth crushing with a baseball bat, so I hope your appliances are prepared for me. Just kidding, bro. I will be visiting a local bar and if you feel like coming over for some shots, then please do. You will definitely give justice to this good evening.


  • I bet you have figured it out that my evening can only be considered as a good evening when you are absent from my sight. Well, I sure will try my best to avoid any contact from you for I am looking forward for a pleasant evening so that I may be grateful even if it is just for tonight. I am certain that we will not meet today so this might will be filled with magic, fantasy and all the things that you are not. I know you don’t like this idea but for once you do the adjustments for tonight and make me your happiest best friend by cooperating. I love you and you have a very, very good evening, mister.


  • The thing that I love most about evenings is that I will be spending some gleeful time with my ugly flatmate,you, and feed her the grossest thing that ever comes into my mind. I do have something in my mind but you have to trust me this time I will be bringing you a delicious meal and I won’t be asking your money for your share for this one is my treat for tolerating the worst aspect of me, which I think is the best part of me. Calm your mind and let the trust issues ebb as fast as possible, and no I won’t be putting food poisoning in our meal– like why would I even do that? I think it’s going to be a pleasant evening for us both. Before I forget, please don’t be asleep when I get home because waking you up is a stressful deed and thinking about it is already stressful enough for my precious self.


  • Having too much thoughts about easy ways of making your death appear like an accident brings the good in my boring evening. Perhaps having these kind of thoughts is my purpose in life, although I am yet to find an aspiring serial killer and teach him or her my ways or I become the serial killer. Frankly speaking I would like to be a serial killer under the condition that you become an immortal man so that I will kill you every evening for my evening to be great. I will be tagged as a serial killer for your life and I will wear that label with pride.  am just kidding! I hope you will  have a safe evening ahead.


  • Hello, ingrate, I am just sliding into your inbox as a welcome for having me as your best friend. I know you are embarrassed to admit that I am that person who makes your evening pleasant, especially if you have an awful day, by mocking yourself which is every bit deserving of derision and contempt. Please thank me in person and don’t be embarrassed about it because this will certainly make my evening great. I know what it feels to thank someone whose greatness remains incomparable, for I  also thank myself for being great and being respectful to you who I think is not deserving of anyone’s respect. May your evening be pleasant, and please make my evening pleasant by visiting and thanking me.


  • People think that you are luck to have me in your life and I think that those people are correct for having such thoughts. Well, I am lucky to have you, too, although I’m certain that I am not as lucky as you are for having me in your life. Anyways, the evening light reminded me of you and suddenly a weight on my shoulder just dispersed. My not at all pleasant day ended with a pleasant evening by just thinking of you. I know this sounds a little romantic and my intentions are not to cheese you out, you filled my evening with joy and I love you for that. May your evening be not as calming as mine.


  • A very good evening to my girl pair whom I think is the most beauteous of all when beauty was not yet known all. My sole wish for this evening is may it be not tolerable which burdens your heart and soul and that you will cry in desperation for help just to be saved in your forlorn life. Shout for me, dearest girl pair, and beg my heart to be with you so that I will be your superhero for this evening whom you have been looking for your entire life. All you have to do is trust in my protection from all factors in the universe which brings unfortunate luck. I will be your shield from those from this evening until the rest of our lives, what I ask of you in return is to shield me from horror of flying roaches. May your evening be good by reading this, girl pair. I love you so much.


  • Well, well, well isn’t it a fine evening to enjoy a sister’s misery in action? Why don’t you come to the house with haste for me to enjoy from watching you cry as results of my pranks and I have a good enough excuse already for mom should she threat me into beating me black and blue. Since you are a self proclaimed masochist I am very much certain that you will be pleased for my kind of pranks for  this evening, and you’ll even thank me for granting you a very good evening. Looking forward to seeing you at home, jolly sister. Love, sinister brother.

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