Funny Good Luck Messages

Funny good luck messages are meant to pass on some good luck wishes wrapped up in funny words. These are the messages which have a lighter tone and hilarious feel. These messages can be sent to your friends, colleagues, family members and any other close person. These messages can be written on the card or they can also be conveyed through SMS, emails and also on social media platforms.

Sample Funny Good Luck Messages

  • Accept my good luck being sent to you as you may need it badly than anyone else on this earth!!
  • Good luck for your exam, In spite of knowing that you have not studied much, I think at least this good luck message will make you pass!!
  • All my best wishes for the feats that may come your way with the hope that you outshine the rest.  Accept all my good luck and best wishes as you deserve nothing but these best wishes now!!
  • Carry my good luck on your special and big day, as it will only help a stupid person like you!!
  • Don’t transform your brain into a soup as good luck wishes from end will help you regain your group!
  • After all the heaps and piles of books you have sifted through may God give you good luck to at least pass the exam if not score a great grade! Wish you good luck for exams.
  • Well I am not a clown to make you smile even after knowing very well that you are not going to pass these exams for sure. So what best I can do is to wish you good luck!
  • These good luck wishes are for the best student who knows how to pass the exam by cheating the invigilators even without any preparation at all.
  • Good luck wishes to the dreamer of the year who dreams of scoring great grades but does nothing to attain it. Hope even day dreams come true.
  • I want to wish you good luck today as I came to know that you are visiting your in-laws place. May God and at least my good luck wishes help you during your stay at their place.
  • I am more restless and feeling sleepless than you as results day is very near. I wish good luck to you and to myself for the results as that is the only thing that can do a miracle now.

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