Good Luck Card Messages for New Job

Good luck card messages for new job are the messages that we write down in a card and send to someone we know of, who has got a new job. Through these messages the sender is wishing the individual/ loved one who has received the professional opportunity to advance his/ her career. The messages can be of varied length and the sender of the messages can be anyone from friends, family or even new/ old work space.

Sample Good Luck Card Messages for New Job

  • You are the best boss in the world which is why we are sad that you are leaving us. But we admire you and wish you all the good luck in the world for your new and improved job.
  • Seems like someone is on the roll, first you get a new car, then you get a new place and now a rocking new job. Well what can I say except that I am very, very happy for you buddy, and good luck to you for your new job; your jealous and proud friend.
  • Given the rate at which you are going it is safe to say that you don’t need any luck from others, it seems all of it is on your side anyways. But being a friend I would like to wish you good luck and all the very best for the new job Liam.
  •  Your new job is amazing, ask me- I’ll know about it all from personal experience, dear junior. Good luck on the new job, from the old holder of the position and your new boss. Welcome to the jungle.
  • To new beginnings- which are meant to surpass the old ones, magnify the importance of the memories, wash away the sorrows and troubles of the past and bring joy to the present. Good luck dear son and many congratulations on the new job. You will be just as amazing as you always have been.
  • Well, well, somebody finally got what they had wished for all along. Buddy I am so very happy for you and this new opportunity that has presented itself in front of you in the form of this new job. Good luck bud, you will be great.
  • New job, new physical address and a completely new continent- I know it’s a lot to take in, but I am sure that this new job and you are meant to be. Good luck for the new position and place. Miss you and with love- Dad.

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