Good Luck Messages for Seniors

Seniors are those people who are at either a higher position than us or are senior to us in terms of age. To wish good luck to a senior, the best way is to write them a message which expresses the innermost thought or feeling of the sender. Good luck messages for seniors are those messages which are written to wish good luck to a person who is senior to us.

The following are a few samples of good luck messages for seniors and can be used for reference or help by anyone.

Sample Good Luck Messages for Seniors

[notice noticeType=”info” ]Dear Sir, ever since I have heard about your promotion, I have been feeling very happy for you. This promotion was long due and has come at the right time just before your birthday. Here’s wishing you good luck for the new journey and phase of your career. May you excel at all that you do.[/notice]

  • Dear Mr. Greg Johnson, hearing about your retirement has made me sad because you won’t be working with us any longer. But at the same time, I am really happy for you as finally you can rest and relax after 25 years of service to this organization. Good luck for your future from the entire staff of Bent and Harvey Limited.
  • Good luck for your new innings in life dear sir. May you achieve all that you have dreamed of and may you be happy and joyous throughout life.
  • Sir, I known appearing for the interview for the position of vice president is a huge task and pressure but I know you are going to do well because of the experience you possess and the skills that you have. But still I want to wish you good luck for it. Do well!

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]Good luck for getting an appraisal this year sir. May god listen to your prayers and promote you to a position which you deserve so much.[/notice]

[blockquote]Here’s wishing all the best and good luck to you Fred.  May this new job that you have taken up prove to be your dream job and may you accomplish all your goals while working at this position.[/blockquote]

  • Good luck sir for the case that you are going to fight from today onwards. You are the best lawyer in the city and I am sure you are going to win this one as well.

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