Decent Good Morning Messages

Morning time is the best time in the entire day as the person is in the most refreshing and energetic mood. While enjoying a cup of tea and reading newspaper if dear friend sends decent good morning messages, it makes it all the more beautiful.

Sample Good Morning Messages

  • [blockquote]Birds are chirping and winds are blowing. Sun is shining and leaves are rustling at this beautiful moment I m wishing my friend a very good morning.[/blockquote]
  • Great is the nature and greater is the heaven. Here is another morning as the indication of another beautiful day. Cherish this new day and thank the sun for showing so bright. And thank this morning for presenting itself to us and adding o our life.
  • [blockquote]Blue is the sky and roses are red. Violet is the hue and green is the leaves. Quiet are the winds and serene is the air. Here’s wishing my dear friend a morning sweet and fair.[/blockquote]

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