Flirty Good Morning SMS Messages

Good morning messages are not only wishes that greet the recipient a happy new day, it also conveys the message that you are thinking of that person especially right in the beginning of the day. Getting a message from someone in a flirty mood is sure to light up the day with a jovial feeling and it also conveys the feeling that the recipient is desirable. Below given are some samples of flirty good morning SMS messages.

Sample Flirty Good Morning SMS Messages

  • Good morning Rock Star! Are you ready to rock my world tonight? Night is a long way off but we will get there.
  • Hi Sugar!  Good morning! I need you to sweeten my coffee. Meet me at the corner in 20 minutes?
  • The night was spent escaping from you in my dreams. But you caught up with me in the morning. Now I need a hug from you to stop my heartbeats from exploding. Good morning!
  • The day has just begun and I am already wishing for the night, because that is the time I meet you since you have gone so far. Good morning lover! Complete your work and come back quickly.
  • Today will be just like any other day for others. For us this is special, since we will spend it together. Good Morning dear! Can’t wait to eat, play, ride, watch and sing with you.
  • A new day, a new beginning, new hopes, new dreams… but we are the same and cannot be any other way. Love you sweetheart! Good Morning!
  • Hey Superstar! Good morning! When is the show? You do not need to invite me I will be there.
  • The day loses its beauty when you are not around. I need you with me to enjoy each day! Good morning dear!
  • Hey lazybones, isn’t it time you woke up and let me see you? Don’t bother to brush. Come on Skype. I want to wish you good morning with a kiss.
  • Good Morning beautiful! Have a beautiful day and turn it beautiful for all those who see your smile.
  • Were you trying to call me? I got a missed call and thought it was you. Even if you did not call you can save this number to call me next time you feel like. Good morning!
  • Wake up to a wonderful new day and remember I am here wishing you all the good things of life. Good morning beautiful!

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