Flirty Good Morning Text Messages

Text messages are now rampant as it is one of the basic means of relaying messages from one person to another, using a mobile phone or any modern gadget you can create many text as you want, it’s not only text you can do in your mobile phones today, you can add videos, pictures or even see the one you are talking to if you want.


Flirty good morning text messages are dreamy and heartwarming sentences that want to let their partner know that they are loved and what their partners feel from their relationship. It is an out of this world messages that is obscured with metaphoric content in which lovers usually wants to see in their partners, here is a sample:

  • Good morning my love, I know it’s time for you to see me, today is a new day to make a happy and memorable moment with me.
  • If I were Romeo, I would like you to be my Juliet, my love is deeper to you than anyone else, even in death I would like to be at your side, I cannot live without you, you are my air that I breath, the water that I drink and light that makes me affectionate, if you leave so as my life will cease.
  • As you wake up, put a smile with that face, a glad feeling in every chores cause I will be at your side, a good morning will be complete with you.
  • Thinking of you makes my day happy, the giggle feeling I always had when you kiss and hug me, I wish we can do it all the time and will not change forever; I see my future brighter and optimistic when I plan it with you.
  • If you marry me today, I will court you to the rest of our life, let this day the start of that moment until the end of times.
  • Having you to see a smile is a sign that this day will be ok, without you a good morning will be incomplete.
  • God made this day to make you feel blessed and cared for, I will be your angel as you start your day, make it unforgettable and meaningful as you spend it with me.
  • Today we may start to all of this things if you like, I want to make a good memories with you, to mesmerize it as we get old, it will make my whole day meaningful, I love you is not enough to express my devotion to you, I will just show it so you can hear it clearly.

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