Good Morning Messages for Ex Boyfriend

Usually affairs and relationships end with bitterness but still they do leave a space of reconciliation as friends or just acquaintances. Good morning messages for ex boyfriend are sweet, subtle ways of greeting the person at the start of the day who once meant the world to you. However, these messages might not have the passion and intensity of lovers, but should carry a healthy, positive and inspiring tone through well chosen words. Here are few samples of such kind of messages –

  • You must not have forgiven me yet, but one day you will know that my decision was the apt one for both of us. The morning greets you with all the goodness – good morning!
  • The sun rays are bringing the harsh realities back and I just remembered how I wished you every morning for the last five years. Not as a lover, but as a friend I wish you again – good morning!
  • Let us start a new beginning; I’m happy that you have moved on with your life and so have I. We shall surely meet the right life partners soon! Good morning!
  • Good morning! This message must be surprising to you after the fight we had last night. I’m sorry, we can be friends if you agree but we just don’t go perfect as lovers!
  • I wish you all the best things in life – Good morning! Please don’t misunderstand me and try to realise my reasons for curtailing the relationship. I’m equally in pain but I had no options as well.
  • The night was really heart wrenching, but the morning rays have brought hope in my life again. I wish it brings the same for you. Good morning!
  • It’s better to lead a free and happy life than compromising and engaged life. I hope you will respect my decision and we can continue to be friends like before. Good morning!
  • Let the morning show us positivity and optimism in the path of livelihood and aid us to move on happily. We can stay in touch for sure…Good morning!
  • My family is broken down with your decision and I’m hurt terribly as well. Will the new day bring any hope to our relationship? Good morning!
  • It’s one complete year today since we got separated … Life taught us many good and bad things in this one year; let’s thank each other for letting this opportunity make us learn the magic of freedom. Good morning.

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