Good Morning Messages for Ex Girlfriend

Relationships are very fragile and broken ties are very painful both for a man and woman. Even after breakup, two individuals can share cordial messages that will help them to stay in touch in a positive way and keep up the spirit of humanity. Good morning messages for ex girlfriend should be framed very carefully that understands the emotions of a bereaved woman who might be fighting her emotions of the bygone lovable days. Here are some well chosen messages for ex girlfriend to wish on a sunny morning and make her happy even if you are no longer her lover –

  • Your tears give me pain even today, I’m sorry for the rude words last night but please try and value my decision of discontinuing this relationship – it’s good for both of us. Good morning my friend!
  • We were leading to nowhere; both of us need peace of mind to live a healthy life. Let’s start a new beginning as friends only. Good morning!
  • The sunny morning has come upon to bring a new life and new start – can I expect you to be a good friend of mine forgetting the past struggles? Good morning!
  • We were just not meant for each other – it’s good that we could realise this in right time and had the strength to move on. Its 6 months now and I’m happy to see you settled. Good morning!
  • I heard of your wedding, may the dawn bring upon all the happiness you deserve. I was not the right person ever. Congratulations and good morning!
  • We broke up with a bitter note but today I gathered all my courage to send you this message as I was missing my friend really hard. Can I get back my best childhood buddy? Good morning!
  • The breezy morning reminded of you and how you crumbled in my arms when thunder and lightning struck. However, you must be with someone more protective than me! Good morning, stay happy!
  • I wanted your happiness always; even if it is without me I will accept the harsh fact. I wish you on this bright morning with all the good things in life that you rightly deserve. Good morning!
  • I miss you dear, I miss each and every moment that we had spent together and the separation haunts me day and night, Can’t we be together once again? Good morning my love!
  • Good morning! I still love and plead you to give me one more chance to prove my abilities to make you the happiest woman on earth. Would you?  – Waiting for your reply.

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