Good Morning SMS Messages for Boyfriend

Good morning sms messages for boyfriend are the ones that are sent by a girl in order to show love, care, affection and prayers that will make a day more special for her boyfriend. These messages help one to wake up in the morning with a warm wish from our beloved ones. Here are some good morning sms messages for boyfriend thatcan be a special gift for them to start their day.

Sample Good Morning SMS Messages for Boyfriend                                                        

  • Start your day with a beautiful smile, enjoy each moment and make your day worthwhile. Good morning my dear.

[notice noticeType=”info” ]Sorry, I can’t give you chocolate drink, coffee, milk tea or pan cake in this morning, but sending sweet kisses to make your day special. Accept this and wake up. Wish you Good morning.[/notice]

  • May my smiles make your day bright, May my hugs make your day warm, may my kiss make your day sweet? I am sending a bouquet of smiles hugs and kisses to make your day romantic. Good morning my dear.

[blockquote]Hey sleep boy, it is time to wake up and brush. I have prepared the coffee of smiles and bread of kiss for you. Come fast and have it. Wish you a happy and good morning.[/blockquote]

  • I am sad that I cannot be with you physically in this beautiful morning. But, I am always with you by my heart. May your day cherish with nice moments. Good morning dear.
  • Hi, are you making morning coffee? Don’t put sugar, because I have already added my love in it that is sweet enough. Good morning.
  • Hey, preparing morning coffee? Wait for a second. Let me add my sweet love in it. Now have it and get ready for a warm day.
  • Getting such a lovely friend makes my every morning worth getting up for. Good morning sweet heart!

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]Hearty welcome to this new morning. Wake up with a smile on your face, love in your heart, happiness in your mind and good prayers in your thought. Wish you a bright morning.[/notice]

  • I was happy yesterday because I dreamed you in sleep. But today I am so happy, because I know you are not a dream. You are the reality that makes me live. You are my love and life. Good morning dear.
  • Light full of sun, fragrance of flowers, songs of birds and soft touch of wind together welcome you to a romantic morning. I am also ready withlots of kisses and hugs dear. Wish you a very special good morning.

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