Good Morning SMS Quotes

Good morning messages are a great way to wish someone a good morning time and a great day ahead. These messages can be sent through the medium of good morning SMS quotes. These SMS quotes must be effective in wishing the recipient a good morning and should have a positive vibe to them. Given below are a few examples and samples of good morning SMS quotes which can be used by anyone for reference.

Sample Good Morning SMS Quotes:

  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ]Good morning dear parents. May this morning turn out to be beautiful for you and may you have a wonderful day ahead. God bless you.[/notice]
  • The birds are chirping, the skies are full of the rays of the fun and the flowers are booming with fragrance and colors. Wake up to this lovely day with a smile on your face so that it goes on very positively.
  • This is a lovely morning and is a promise for an upcoming superb day. So stop being lazy and get out and have some fun today! Have a good morning and an excellent day ahead.
  • Start this wonderful and sunny day with faith in god and positivity in your heart.  The day will be good if you trust the almighty and just keep going with a smile on your face. Good morning my dear friends.
  • Here’s wishing a very good morning to all my colleagues. Guys, this is an important day for all of the people of the sales team, so let’s rock it and make the company proud.
  • Wishing a lovely morning to all my family members. I love you all for being there for me at all times and hope our bond always remains strong.
  • Morning time is the best time to pray to god and wish that our day goes well. So wake up my friend and pry a bit to the power above us. Have a good morning.
  • [blockquote] Get up from the bed, put a smile on your face, think about the good things in life and believe that the day is going to be good. Good morning sweetheart. [/blockquote]
  • Good morning dear husband. May you have a good day and may your meeting go really well today.
  • Wake up my sweet wife, wake up to the sun shining for your brightly above us all, wake up to the sweet songs of the singing birds. Have a good morning.
  • Wishing good morning to the sunshine of my life. Have a great day

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