Good Night Jokes Messages

Amusing the loved ones with your rib tickling nerve after the completion of the entire day guarantees to bring a soothing smile and brings the much desired relaxation for the highly worked mind.

A simple “Good night joke message” carrying a small smiling content brings with itself the perfect kick start to the journey towards the dreams.

Sample good night joke messages:-

  • [blockquote]May the good dawn awakes you with the coldest shower, delayed alarm and the seized chirping if the end of the day is not reminding you to send me GOOD NIGHT.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]The shrieking shack, the ghostly voices, the enchanting witches Are nothing but a small reality which the old believes, May you stay away from all these thoughts with the rising darkness.May none of the dream comes with the ghastly creatures GOOD NIGHT.[/blockquote]
  • Good night are wished to only those people who sleep at night and not the ones who are like own sending SMS the whole night. I am sending this message to let you know that I am sleeping so please do not disturb me.

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