Morning SMS Text Messages

Morning SMS text messages are those messages that are sent specifically during the morning time. These messages are sent to wish the loved ones in the beginning of the day. The words in the morning message should be filled with love and inspiration so that the receiver feels good and energetic at the beginning of the day.

Bring an early morning smile on the face of the reader with some beautiful words in your SMS. The messages should be short and the tone used in the morning message should be casual since it is a personalised wish for ones close people. Some samples of the messages are given below.

Sample Morning SMS Text Messages

  • The sun is rising and stars are going. The light is entering and the night is saying good bye. Amongst all these happening I wish to whisper good morning to your ears, to make your day beautiful and happy.
  • Sparrows are chirping and telling you that a new day has already been started. The blow of the cool early morning breeze must touch your cheek. A new day gives me another chance to love and care for you, a very good morning to you.

[blockquote] Sun never forgets to rise like your beautiful eyes filled with new surprise. Stars never forget to say good bye, like you never overlook all my joys and cries. Good morning sweetheart.[/blockquote]

  • May this new day brings loads of success and tons of happiness in your life. A lovely good morning from your beautiful wife.
  • May the brightness of the sun lights up your day with beauty and excitement. May you make the best use of each moment given by God in this beautiful day? Enjoy and have a very good morning.

[notice noticeType=”info” ]May your day be filled with merriments, may you enjoy each moment of your day and they all should be filled with merriments. May you never forget to climb the ladder of success, may you never see the face of any kind of bad luck. A very happy good morning. [/notice]

  • A new day brings new joy and mysteries leaving the old day behind which becomes a history. Enjoy each bit of this new day and may success always follow you.
  • The morning is the follower of every dark night and quickly comes to make everything alright. May you enjoy this morning with all the good luck and happiness.

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