Short Good Morning Messages

Mornings are very quiet and peaceful. Sending a short good morning message at that time to a special and dear friend makes it all the more special. Everyone is in a happy and cheerful mood at that time during the day.

Sample short good morning messages

  • [blockquote]Birds are singing and leaves are rustling. The world is saying out wishing loudly my friend a very good morning.[/blockquote]
  • Sun is shining high; winds are blowing with a sigh. Bright and red is the atmosphere, so that my friend has the best morning time.
  • Down in the valley, written by the nature. Few special words, for someone very special “ Good Morning”
  • [blockquote]Fold your hands and shut your eyes. Feel the presence of almighty and thank him for another beautiful and charming day. Good Morning[/blockquote]
  • Spread your arms wide and turn your lips into a smile. Open your eyes and welcome another beautiful day.

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