Friendship Quotes For Good Night

Friendship is often valued as the most important relationship in the world by many and is considered a close bond which is rare to share. Many people express their feelings for their friends through friendship quotes. Friendship quotes for good night are those friendship quotes which a person writes with the purpose of wishing good night to his/her friends. These quotes are used for dual purpose of expressing friendship thoughts and also saying good night. A few samples of friendship quotes for good night have been given below for your reference.

Sample Friendship Quotes For Good Night:

  • [blockquote] Dear friend, having you in my life is the best gift I could have asked from god. I pray to the almighty for keeping this bond special and strong always. Here’s wishing you a great night and a superb day tomorrow. [/blockquote]
  • My buddies are the best companions anyone could ask for. I value your friendship guys and hope that we remain strong always. I am so excited that we are meeting tomorrow and hope you all have a good night’s sleep today.
  • Friendship has the power to melt even the hardest of hearts and I believe in this strong relation.  So on this day I pledge to be by your side always and be your friend for life. Wishing you a very good night and hope you sleep tight.
  • Here’s wishing a very good night to my best friend on the planet.  I love you dear buddy and hope that this relation of ours remains strong always.
  • What a lovely night it is, bright and shiny with millions of stars in the sky.  On this beautiful night, I wish that you sleep well and see lovely dreams. I love you dear friend.
  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ] This lovely night reminds me of the great times we friends have spent together during hostel days. I miss you all my dear buddies and wish you all a superb night.[/notice]
  • May you sleep well tonight, may you see the most lovely dreams

May you be blessed with warmth and care, may we be as strong as ever

Love you my dear friends.

  • Friendship is a strong relationship which requires nurturing and care. You are my strength my dear friend and I cannot imagine my life without you. Here’s wishing you a very good night.
  • Wishing a deep sleep and good night to my friends.

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