Funny Good Night Messages for Girlfriend

Funny good night messages for girlfriend are the kind of messages which are funny in nature and are used to wish good night to a girlfriend. These messages are written by boyfriends and are written with a true intention that the girlfriend has a good night.

One must try and be original while writing these messages. You can refer to the following given samples of funny good night messages for girlfriend if you need help.

Sample funny good night messages for girlfriend

  • [blockquote]The night is lovely and you are away. God can be cruel sometimes but still I would pray to him to give my beloved a very warm and good night.[/blockquote]
  • May your dreams be filled with my images and may I make you laugh in your dreams. Have a good night dearest and enjoy your deep sleep.
  • [blockquote]May the night bring you endless sweet dreams and may you find peace which you don’t find otherwise my dear girlfriend. Good night.[/blockquote]
  • The night looks promising and I want to wish you a lovely night with deep sleep that will bring you some peace.
  • May the moonlight make your face glow and your eyes twinkle. Good night dearest.

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