Funny Good Night Messages

Funny good night messages are sent to friends, loved ones and other near and dear ones at the end of the day. It relieves a lot of that stress of the reader and brings a smile to his or her face as they retire for bed at the end of a day. Here are some samples for Funny good night messages.

Sample Funny Good Night Messages

  • Good night dear and have sweet dreams. Yet don’t look in the mirror or else you may end up having the worst nightmares.
  • [blockquote]Have a long and peaceful night full of soundless sleep unless you start snoring like you did yesterday and the day before.[/blockquote]
  • Welcome to our “Sweet Dreams” airline, all travellers on the bed, hug your cushions as the flight will be going to dream world soon land. Enjoy your time and a very good night.
  • [blockquote]After all day of work and fun it’s time to hit the bed, tomorrow will be a new day, a new beginning with new dreams instead. I feel like I have the perfect life as all I need is a job and a wife.[/blockquote]
  • You are the reason for all my sleepless nights and why I hug all my pillows so tightly. Since you are the ghost in all my nightmares.
  • [blockquote]]As you go to bed tonight I ordered bats to hover around you, ghosts to guard you and count Dracula to sing you a lullaby. Hope you have great night full of dreams.[/blockquote
  • As you to sleep tonight, I have ordered the sleep fairy to dance on your eyelids and sprinkle her dream dust on your head so that you can sleep tight and have sweet dreams.
  • Now your eyes and mouth are weak, so I wish you a good night to fall asleep. Good night, darling.

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