Good Night Kiss Messages

A well known saying says “Action speaks louder than words.” Kiss is a powerful tool to express your love towards someone who holds the most special position in your life no one can ever attain.

A “Good night kiss message” is a beautiful way to say you love beyond any raised boundary or materialized limitation. Some of these good night messages are under given for you:

Sample Good Night Kiss Messages:

  • [blockquote]Don’t use your blanket just think about my love it will warm u ,
    don’t use pillow just think about my hands it will trap your head ,
    don’t close my eyes I want to see the response of kissing u all night.[/blockquote]
  • Good night my love, I wish I could be there with this on this starry night and kiss you on your beautiful lips.
  • Your lips are like the petals of the rose and as I look at the sky I wish I could be there to kiss you and wish you good night.

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