Good Night Messages for a Good Night Sleep

Good night messages can be sent to anyone you desire to enjoy the night before they roll their bodies in the bed and wrap themselves in a comfortable blanket with their random sleeping patterns. One of the many reasons why good night messages are significant is it is an effective way that someone out there, beyond the shadows of the night, is thinking about a person and wish they are doing alright.


If you wish to send a good night message to your friends, family, or lover then this article will certainly do you good for we offer free sample good night messages that you may apply changes in the words or phrases if you see the necessity in doing so. The sample messages you find below can be sent through the social media sites that you and the individual you want to greet are connected, sms text message, or you can give them a call or leave a good night voice message. In framing this type of message you may put sarcastic phrases here as humor, and sincere words to let them know you are thinking about them.

  • I think I will not be sleeping tonight for I have to finish all these company projects that needs to be finished as soon as possible. I know that I should not be texting right now and just get on with this work, but I just really hope you are fine tonight and that may you dream the sweetest of dreams. Good night, mom.


  • Hey, buddy, I know you had it tough today at work for I overheard a thing or two from the meeting about the unsuccessful launch of the project that you thought had no faults in it. I wish you will recover fast from the situation and take a closer look in your failure so you may evaluate your project critically and, thus, point out the areas of opportunities. Clear your mind from all the negative thoughts and may the answer appear in your dreams tonight. Good night, buddy.


  • My ultimate wish is that you sleep in my embrace every night as I stare at your lovely face peaceful in the lullabies of a warm night. Although we are yet a million moments away from this wish, I always look forward to it and imagine this day and night. I hope you receive the warmth of my love through this message. I love you, dearest, and may your dreams be the sweetest.


  • There are things that needs be attended every now and then. Good evening, sister, I hope you are doing fine with all your school projects because the bags in your eyes seem to be increasing their size. I have been busy quite lately and never got the chance to converse with our family until this hour. I hope everyone is doing good in our hometown and may everyone have a peaceful sleep tonight.


  • Hello, bro, sorry for drunk texting you tonight but I really wanna send you this text message even with my blurring sight and a fuzzy mind. I think about your condition night and day and it may not appear to be that sincere to you since I do brutal stuff to you most of the time. Well, being verbally brutal to one another is the ground of our friendship. I don’t mean to cheese you out or be gay to you tonight, but I hope you accomplish all of your dreams. Good night, bro, I love you.


  • Consider yourself lucky for you have received a text message from the handsomest person that this world has ever recognized. My grandeur wishes yourself to drink in moderation the close to being frozen bottle of alcohol stored in your fridge before drifting to sleep. Good night, my friend with unprepossessing facial features.


  • To my lover who thinks she is the luckiest girl alive for I am her boyfriend, I hope you’re still awake and reading this text message because I want you to know I think of you  every night before I drift off to sleep since the thought of you alone puts my heart and mind in sync. May my existence do the same to you so you may go to sleep each night with a calm mind and heart. Dream of me, lover, and good night.


  • Tonight as I gaze the moon and breathe the air of the night I find myself calming down from the wave of insolence knowing well that you, too, are enjoying the sight of the moon and breathing the same air as I am. Let the calm night dissipate our worries tonight, darling, for tonight the moon is the bridge of the silence in our communication. We may be apart for tonight but the power of the moon has made me feel how close you are to me. Good night, darling.

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