Good Night Messages for Him

Good night messages for him are the messages which a girl writes for a boy, or a female writes for a male. These messages are used to wish ‘him’ a good night and must sound heartfelt and genuine to the reader.

Good night messages for him must be original and hence it is important for them to be self written. Given below are a few samples which can be used as reference messages.

Sample Good Night Messages for Him:

  • [blockquote]I have always cherished each and every moment that I spend with you. I wish to stay close to you all day and all night. This message reaches to you so that you sleep tight. Have a peaceful night, good night.[/blockquote]
  • As the day is turning into the night, I have a wish that all your worries stay out of you sight. I feel lucky to have you by my side, I wish I can sleep with you so that I experience the moments of paradise. Have a healthy sleep, good night.
  • [blockquote]It is the time to close your eyes and go to sleep. It is the time to dream high and have good memories to keep. I am sending this good night wish on your way, have a peaceful sleep so that you mark a beautiful day. Good night.[/blockquote]
  • I am waiting for my cell phone to beep. Since you are not here, I am not able to sleep. I wish to silently hug you tight and sleep with you all the night. Good night!
  • [blockquote]You are the reason of my happiness. You are the source of inspiration for my success. I can’t sleep without saying good night to you, I really love you. Good night.[/blockquote]
  • Dear Frank may the stars shine upon you forever like diamonds and may this moonlight bring into your life all the happiness you ever wanted. Have a good night.
  • Here’s wishing the most special boy in the world a very good night and sweet dreams.
  • May you see the sweetest of dreams and may your morning turn out to be beautiful. Good night dear.
  • [blockquote]This night seems to remind me of the special bond we share. The stars and the moon remind me of our inseparable relationship. So on this note I wish you have a good night.[/blockquote]
  • Good night to the most handsome guy on this planet. Sweet dreams.
  • [blockquote]Dear John, as the day has come to an end, I have realised that it would not have been so beautiful if you were not there. Thanks for everything and good night my love.[/blockquote]

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