Good Night Messages For Kids

Good night messages for kids are the messages that are sent by a sender to the kids at the night time to wish good night to them. Such messages are the cute messages that are sent to the kids to bid them good night.

These messages can be sent by parents or other relatives to the kids through text messages or through any other means.

Sample Goodnight Messages For Kids

  • [blockquote]Dearest kid, you have to wake up early and go to school. So I am messaging you to sleep well with a cool mind. Good night and be blessed with beautiful dreams tonight.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]If you will sleep early, God will appear in front of you to give you yummy candies. So promise me that you will lay and sleep with some fun filled memories to keep. Good night my child and enjoy swinging in your dreams[/blockquote].
  • Hey kid, it is time for you to lie on bed and go for a healthy sleep. Good night and enjoy playing with your dream creatures.
  • You are a most naughty kid I have ever met. Yet the sweetest. I am messaging to say you good night and sleep to your best.

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