Good Night Messages for Lovers

Night is a beautiful time for the lovers and couples. At this romantic time, good night messages for lovers are sent to add a cherry on the cake. Such messages are love-filled and are romantically written by the sender to his counterpart to bid him with a good night wish.

Sample Good Night Messages for Lovers

  • All through the day, you have filled me with your love. Now at this point of time, I just wish that you sleep well and I am praying to the GOD above. Never forget that I love you the most in my life, this message is sent to you to say GOOD NIGHT!
  • Since the moon and the stars are shining bright, I am thinking about you all this while. Since it is the time to switch off all the lights, I wish if I could hug you tight. Since I am missing you all this time, I want to lovingly say you good night. Sleep well and I love you.
  • Every time I miss you, I hug my pillow tight, imagining it is you. My good night wishes reaches to you to tell how much I love you. Sleep tight, good night.
  • I will come in your dreams tonight. I will surely caress you all through the night. I will secretly slip in your blanket and will hug you tight, please remember that I am going to be with you the whole night. Good night!
  • I have hired the stars to twinkle for you till the time you sleep. I have asked the moon to take care of you so that you do not weep. Good night!
  • [blockquote]On such a lovely night, May the moon hug you with his smile, and a cool wind would take you to mile! I am missing you so much. I wish I could be present by you side. Good night and sweet dreams. May you have a lovely night.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]Let the sky be black or blue, I don’t care if it is sun or the moon, and as long as I love you my good night wishes will always be with you. Good night my sweetheart.[/blockquote]
  • Before you go to sleep, do not forget to hug me, kiss me and think about me. Now you can close your eyes and go to sleep. [highlight highlightColor=”highlight-lightblue” ]Good night and have a healthy sleep.[/highlight]
  • [blockquote]I am lying on my bed, just thinking about you because I love you. I keep on wondering this time if you are fine. Leaving aside every fight, I just want to wish you good night.[/blockquote]

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