Good Night Messages for Someone We Adore

Bidding someone we adore a good night message is a long distance version of good night kiss, and these are actions that makes a relationship worth the cherish. In composing a good night message, it comes with utter significance for a reader to feel the emotions weaved in the words. Sincerity, romance, and truth should be preset. As per the famous, late poet Ernest Hemingway “… Does he really think big emotions come from big words?”, and the answer is no, of course, so it is important to use simple words and make everything concise like a huge tree with its massive trunk reduced to a bonsai, yet it is no less than a tree.

Considering your absence, these messages are via sms messaging or in social media sites that you are both connected with. Here are sample good night messages to help you out with creating one. You may use some of these and changed words or phrases if necessary.

  • There are nights I find it hard to sleep, but most nights I end up buried in my sheets refusing to be woken up by anyone for I dream of us living the happy ever after life of the fairy tales we know. May you sleep soundly as the music of the evening sings you a lullaby of our sweet tomorrows. Goodnight, my love.
  • The whole of your existence has been weaved in my very own. No matter the distance that sets us apart tonight, no force in this universe, even the shadows of the night, is far too strong to break the perfect match made in heaven. Let me kiss you good night with this message, dearest.
  • Maybe Shakespeare was right all along to point out that a lover is a guiding star to every wandering bark, for I have wondered further and have thought of myself as lost in the mazes of life but as I look upon you I have found something more important than the paths to everything good– I have found myself.
  • Each night I lie in bed thinking how poets charm the world with their inborn play of words, but then I realized they do not charm the world with their words, rhymes, or meter. The world happens to be charmed only because it has witnessed how sincere the love of a man is that it turns him into a poet. Darling, I can feel the gazing eyes of the world fixed on me, for tonight I am a poet in love. I love you, good night, darling.
  • Let me press my lips against your holy temples, and my breath warm your shivering, yearning soul. Tonight we have been tortured by distance, but through this message I declare to the world how close we are folded in the sheets of Love. Good night, lover.
  • Your presence is greatly demanded by my heart. It fails to understand the notion of time and it bleeds every ticking of second in your absence. I am trying my best to endure the nights without you, so let us try our hardest to let our hearts understand the notion of time no matter how stubborn they are. Darling, you are my sweetest everything but sorrows, and I wish you with well dreams and may you wake up to pleasant morrows.

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