Good Night Messages for Whatsapp

Good night messages on Whatsapp can be sent to friends, your special someone or your family. Write simple and sweet messages to convey your feelings and thoughts. Keep the sentences short, sweet, meaningful and crisp. Good night messages on Whatsapp can be accompanied with images to make them more appealing. Find below some good night messages you can send on Whatsapp and delight the person just before sleep time –

Sample Good night messages for Whatsapp

  • Night has fallen, stars are out. Come my darling let me kiss you good night and turn the lights out.
  • The canopy of stars and the cool glow of the moon have all been spread out. Close your eyes now princess and let us say good night till we meet again.
  • Good night friends! Do not forget to turn off your mobiles I do not want to receive any more messages till tomorrow.
  • The darkness of the night will cradle you and the moonlight will kiss your brow to put you off to sleep. Good Night my dear!
  • Let us sleep now and meet in dreamland to talk again. Good night my dearest love!
  • Put off the lights after you brush your teeth. Sleep tight through the night and wake up with the first birds’ tweet. Good Night Dear Friends.
  • May you meet your fairy in your dreams and throughout the night she works on your dreams to get you what you crave for as you get your beauty sleep. Good Night my friends!
  • Come to me in my dreams and kiss me good night. Sleep tight my darling!
  • Have a peaceful and rejuvenating sleep. Good Night!
  • Today has ended so let it go. Tomorrow will surely bring new showers of hope. Good night dear friends.
  • Resting tonight is not for taking off the tiredness that you felt through the day. The sleep will prepare you to tackle each challenge of a new day. Good night sweet dreams!
  • How can I sleep when all of you are competing to send more messages each moment. Sleep now friends and attack your smartphone tomorrow to send more messages on Whatsapp.
  • Let the night engulf you in its velvet arms and the moon wash your face with the soft silvery light. Sleep my love and dream of me as I dream of you all night. Good Night my precious.

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