Good Night Messages To Boyfriend

Good night messages to boyfriend are the messages which are written to let your boyfriend know that you want them to have a really good night full of sleep and sweet dreams. This is a way to tell them that you love them and intend them to sleep well in the night.

Sample good night messages to boyfriend:

  • The sun has set and it’s time that you set to your bed. Wait for a new morning for tomorrow and have wonderful dreams. Goodnight my sweet love!
  • [blockquote]Goodnight and dream sweet. Dreams should include me and you! It’s time that you have a wonderful sleep now![/blockquote]
  • Sending goodnight wishes with a hope of pleasant morning. Sweet dreams my love!
  • You are a guy that needs to be treasured. Have a very beautiful night with stars under the sky glowing on you!
  • You have made my life precious. Sleep well and get ready for a beautiful morning. Goodnight my sweetheart!
  • [blockquote]Hope your days have been the best due to me and you have a wonderful sleep. Waiting to meet you in the dawn my darling. Till then have a sound sleep. Goodnight and dream sweet![/blockquote]
  • Sleep eases out all the stress and I wish you a very goodnight to have a pleasant sleep and ease out all your stress. Have a pleasant sleep and dream sweet always!
  • [blockquote]This is to the sweetest man I have ever met. Wish you have a good sleep and hope you see me in your dreams. Have a good sleep my love. Goodnight and dream sweet![/blockquote]
  • Sweetheart, may you get all the happiness in the world and sleep like a baby so that you can wake up afresh in the morning.
  • Have a good night and remember that I love you always and will miss you tonight.
  • Dear sweetheart, I wish that you have the best night in the world full of sleep and sweet dreams.
  • I miss you tonight and wish you have a great night’s sleep and a wonderful morning.
  • Sleep tonight keeping aside all worries. Have a good night and really sweet dreams dear.

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