Good Night Mobile Messages

Today, mobiles have really brought us to closer to our relations. It is quite true that all over the world, these gadgets are used to forward messages of love and friendship.

The reason for forwarding good night mobile messages is to show people your benevolence. It does not cost much to send a message but it really expands the horizons of relationships.

Sample Good Night Mobile Messages

[blockquote]Sleep, so that you can feel the peace of life tomorrow. Rest your mind so that tomorrow it is again prepared to wander in the travails of life.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]He has given you everything in life from the most amazing friends to such a nice spouse. Embrace all these joys and sleep because tomorrow something better is in the offing.[/blockquote]

  • Today, take a moment before sleeping to thank God for what all he has given you. It is true that you cannot change what happened in your past. However, tomorrow, life may open a whole new paradigm for you. [highlight highlightColor=”highlight-lightblue” ]It may offer you something extremely pleasant and divine.[/highlight]
  • However, you really need a nice sleep today to make a fresh start tomorrow. This is how you can truly emerge successful in the journey of life. Making yourself boggled with the worries of life will not make you a champion. Instead, you will only worry yourself more with a sleepless night. Your energy levels will fall.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]In life, you have realized your true calling. However, to make it happen effectively, you need rest and sleep today.[/notice]
  • The beauty of life exists before you. Tomorrow, new battles have to be, won for which you have to be in your best of spirits, which can only be, acquired through rest.
  • If you really love your life, go to sleep immediately. Its night and you need your beauty sleep.
  • How can you be so negligent towards your body to deny it a nice sleep? It is so necessary for a looking beautiful today and every other day.
  • Sleep because tomorrow life would have to offer you something better. Thank god, for the joys he has introduced in your life before sleeping. Sleep in your bed, hold on to your teddy, because God has been amazingly kind to you.
  • Life is not the same every day. It changes every day for the better. So, sleep tonight to live a better day tomorrow. Who knows that tomorrow you might get to meet someone exciting or get a pot full of happiness? Who knows what beauty of life still needs to be, discovered by you?

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