Love Good Night Messages

Love can be seen in your eyes and felt with your words. Therefore it is important to use the right words to tell that someone that you care. Sending messages is the sweetest thing as will help you tell your love what they mean to you.

I can’t define my love for you, all I can say that I will be there for you today and tomorrow.  Good night my love.

My love for you is like starts in the sky, soothing your eyes and helping you rest. Sweet dreams sweetheart.

As the sun goes down and the day goes by, keep your worries aside. Dream about me and you will feel nice. Good night.

Every moment of life has been great with you and I want you to remember them always as they will help you keep in mind, for how special you are and also that you are mine. Sleep tight.

People always talked about soul mates and I nodded my head but today when I have you I can understand what it means. Thanks for being there for me. Good night.

I won’t say that I will be there for you when you laugh but I can assure that whenever you feel blue you will find me by your side. Love you. Sweet dreams.

Just wanted to say that you mean the world to me, even if I have no one tomorrow I will be happy knowing that you are still there for me. Good night. Love you

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